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Home Comfort takes complaints seriously and every complaint is seen as an opportunity to look at how we do things and improve our services. Our aim is to achieve a mutually satisfactory conclusion and, where appropriate, take action to ensure the situation does not arise again.


You have a right to be heard - and we have an obligation to listen

Clients who receive support from Home Comfort, and their whānau are encouraged to provide feedback and make complaints without fear of negative consequences.


If you have a complaint, you can expect to have it dealt with promptly, thoroughly and respectfully. Home Comfort will make all reasonable enquiries to ensure that we are aware of all the facts. Treatment of complaints will be fair to all involved parties.


Home Comfort will also make every effort to protect your privacy and keep any written record of your complaint confidential. 


What you should do first – and how we should respond

Most concerns can be resolved by speaking directly to the person concerned. A whānau member or an advocate can help you with this if you feel uncomfortable.


If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the person concerned, you can talk to the Team Manager, or Managing Director about your complaint. Other relevant staff members may be made aware of your complaint if necessary.  

What you can do next – and how we should respond

Once Home Comfort has been informed of your complaint, we must respond to you directly within five working days. 

If you are still not satisfied and the complaint remains unresolved from your perspective, you are welcome to contact the Health and Disability Commissioner

Compliments and feedback

If we do something you like or something you think we should do more often, please let us know

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