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Client Rights

Know Your Rights

As a client, you have many rights and responsibilities when it comes to your care. When you first meet with a Home Comfort Representative, you will be given a copy of your Rights and Responsibilities and the contact details of the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Advocacy Service.


Clients Rights and Responsibilities

  • Be fully informed of Home Comfort Ltd's services

  • Be treated with dignity and respect

  • Have their cultural and personal background, age, beliefs and values taken into account at all times

  • Be consulted about decisions that affect them

  • Receive information in a form they can understand

  • Have their privacy and confidentiality respected at all times

  • Have access to all the information about them kept by Home Comfort Ltd and to know how that information will be used

  • Refuse to have, or withdraw from, the service. This may be by either party after consideration of the specific circumstances involved

  • Choose or change their caregiver

  • Raise any concerns they have about the service and have them dealt with promptly

  • Nominate someone else to be their agent/advocate in dealing with service providers

*Home Comfort complies with the Code of Health & Disability Services Consumers' Rights

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